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Gardiner Angus Ranch's 38th Annual Production Sale
Saturday, April 1 • 9 AM
At the Henry & Nan Gardiner Marketing Center near Ashland, Kansas

Selling approximately 1,025 head including:
420 Bulls • 377 Registered Females • 150 Bred Commercial Heifers
Registered Females Include: 42 Donors, 110 Bred Cows, 225 Bred Heifers

Watch the sale and bid online at LiveAuctions.tv

GAR Radiance (18333350)

GAR Sunrise X GAR In Sure N1022
+14 CED • Top 1% Marb • Top 3% CW • Top 1% $Beef
Method Genetics Indexes: MPI: 145 / 6% • QPI: 146 / 3% • ROI: 262 / 3%

GAR Radiance sells as Lot 1 in the Gardiner Angus Ranch 38th Annual Production Sale on April 1 at the ranch. Radiance is leased to Select Sires.

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GAR Radiance is the result of more than 50 years of commitment to beef cattle improvement. Discipline is the key to GAR's program and our cattle's predictability. We don't use the "bull of the month" to make our next mating. We use the most proven sires to enhance our "batting average," for the anticipated results, for the traits of merit. This business is not a game. In fact, the ability to stand the test of time rests upon our ability to "connect the dots" of what makes money for our customers in the commercial beef industry. Henry's Rules have taught us well. Henry believed creating outliers of merit requires using proven sires of merit, in mating after mating, year after year, and breed them to daughters of other sires of merit.

Radiance wasn't built in a mating or two. In fact, he traces back to Rito N Bar, born in 1960, and Skylandmere 2058, born in 1958, which took more than 16 generations of high accuracy sires (.80 accuracy or higher). These bulls were born before Mark was! Today, beef cattle improvement can and does happen faster than ever before. The use of single step genomics from Method Genetics has greatly enhanced our ability to make accurate decisions in our operation. We are now in our third year of using this technology. Yet, the fundamentals of selection, based upon the submission and analysis of literally thousands of records (phenotypes) every year, is required to make meticulous decisions that give our clientele the greatest chance of profitability. We take the approach that every mating matters. We, and our customers, only get a finite number of chances at these decisions in our lifetime. I am confident in saying that GAR Radiance is one of the great prospects ever in the history of Gardiner Angus Ranch. He epitomizes our philosophy that you truly can have it all! Calving ease, early growth, acceptable stature, end product merit, and maternal function all in one pleasing package. We have always joked that we would like to name a bull GAR Nirvana, yet we know we never will, because no bull will ever be the "perfect bull." We do believe that GAR Radiance has a chance to be the next sire for the industry's quest for beef cattle improvement!

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