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A Properly Applied Freeze Brand is Identification for Life

GAR employee Kayla Sandoval explains the proper technique used at GAR to freeze brand their cattle. This step-by-step tutorial explains the process from beginning to end.

Thank You! Strong Results Posted at Gardiner Angus Ranch's 12th Annual Fall Bull Sale

Strong Results Posted at Gardiner Angus Ranch's 12th Annual Fall Bull Sale

Market volatility serves as one of the strongest industry signals we have to test our fortitude as beef producers, strengthen our resolve, and keep the focus on producing profitable yet affordable genetics for registered and commercial beef producers. Almost like clockwork, at least once each decade, optimistic beef producers recognize the opportunity, or conversely, pessimists are challenged, to rethink their business models. Input costs and outputs are carefully measured against production risks and the results often play out during spring and fall sale seasons.

For more than 50 years, Gardiner Angus Ranch has not wavered from their focus to produce value-added Angus cattle using only AI, high accuracy, progeny proven bulls for the traits of economic importance. This historical focus has allowed the family owned ranching operation to embrace the most sophisticated technology, collaborate with the beef industry's greatest intellectual assets and provide beef producers profitable, sustainable genetics.

As in previous years, regardless of the state of the cattle market, beef producers recognized the opportunity to make improvements. Their confidence in Gardiner Angus Ranch was best illustrated by the fact they participated in a fast paced auction that was concluded in 3-1/2 hours.

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