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Gardiner Angus Ranch's 1st Annual "Meating Demand" Sale Fills A Need

Meeting the needs of beef producers has always been a goal at Gardiner Angus Ranch. As tools such as artificial insemination, sire summaries, expected progeny differences, and embryo transfer became available, exceeding the needs of our customers became the benchmark we placed on ourselves. Fast forward to the present and single-step, real time genomic information enables us to make progress more rapidly than ever before.

The GAR breeding discipline has not changed—use only high accuracy, progeny proven bulls for the traits of merit. Gardiner Angus Ranch has constantly applied selection pressures for calving ease, early growth, moderate stature and end product merit for more than half a century. Customers can rest assured that regardless of environment or desired breeding season, GAR bulls are consistently proving themselves across America.

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Mark Gardiner discusses the importance of single step, real time genomics provided by Method Genetics. The data produced by the St. Joseph, Missouri, based company is a powerful and timely resource to make the best decisions at Gardiner Angus Ranch.

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