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Gardiner Angus Ranch 36th Annual Sale Sets New Record

Change happens when individuals are willing to take risks. Almost always the risks are huge and outcomes uncertain. As a lifelong beef producer, Henry Gardiner knew the beef industry had no tools to accurately predict the outcome of cattle at any stage of production. He believed the only true path to sustainability for his young family, or his customers' families, or anyone anywhere serving beef to their families, was to use science and technology and document progress.

More than 50 years ago, after making no real progress, Henry Gardiner made a decision to only use proven sires and the new technology of artificial insemination to breed cattle. The decision was revolutionary for the times. Henry committed the ranch to research. He collaborated with universities and tested new technology as it became available. Every step along the arduous path was documented. Failures were examined more closely than successes.

The first public sale of Gardiner Angus Ranch bulls was held in 1980, making this year's event the 36th annual sale. Not many folks showed up 36 years ago. Yet, many of the same families, now second and third generations, return each year to purchase GAR genetics. Gardiner Angus Ranch always has and always will be a family operation. The generations of customers that return each year, cooperators and industry partners are a part of a larger Gardiner Angus Ranch family. Making beef industry change takes a very large family committed to improving everyday. The 36th annual sale is a true testament of the progress that can be made when this very large "family," with the same common goal, moves in the same direction. As Henry Gardiner always said, "We can do this. Now let's get going."

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11th Annual Fall Bull Sale
Monday, September 28, 2015
At the ranch • Ashland, Kansas



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